People flocked to Monte Casino this past week to attend the premiere of the highly anticipated & powerful MNet series Trackers which is set to enthrall Mzansi in a big way.

After a screening of the first episode of this six-part series Trackers which dives into a tale of organised crime, diamond smuggling, state security and an international terrorist attack. This series is an adaptation from a novel written by a South African author Deon Meyer. The epic series stars the likes of Sisanda Henna, Thapelo Mokoena, Emmanuel Castis, Rolanda Marais, Ed Stoppard, Sandi Schultz, Trix Vivier, James Gracie & Avital Lvova.


What a wonderful sight it is to see the roll out of this series. From billboards everywhere you go, adverts, the premiere and all the hype on social media. This is really a great turning point for SA Television. This is the type of engagement the audience appreciate, which has been lacking for a while in our industry. It’s no doubt that SA viewers are deserving of high quality content but also to be engaged during the whole process. You always hear viewers complaining about how they only hear about local films or series a couple of days before release date and that’s not good because these shows often fail because either they do not appeal to the audience or half the targeted audience don’t bother watching or talking about it. This proves that there is a gap in our industry. Are filmmakers still making shows or films for the people or for themselves?

The announcement for the series was made around June this year and the trailer came out just about the right time. We’ve seen the lead actors on this series doing interviews and there are segments where actors discuss and go into detail as to what their characters entail. There is content online which shows what the actors through embodying their characters and giving insight to this epic story that proves to be a love letter to the beauty of our country, showing off with the talent that we have. 

Sisanda Henna and Thapelo Mokoena on the Red Carpet: Trackers Premiere

Actors like Sisanda Henna and Thapelo Mokoena are literally everywhere doing publicity for this series. From Radio interviews, Tv Interviews, Newspapers giving them the star power that they deserve. You can tell that this was a well thought of and thoroughly planned roll out. 

Anele Mdoda’s first reactions while attending the premiere:

It’s easy to see it even from the actors’ excitement that this has been a rare phenomena in SA and we hope more productions are taking notes and can learn a lot from this and improve our industry. They were treated like stars which they are, this is some Hollywood type of level. 

Thapelo Mokoena has this to say when he was on V-Entertainment: 

Thapelo Mokoena as Quinn

“This, I think, is the biggest scale that I’ve ever sort of stepped onto. It’s a big production, it’s a co-production between different countries… I don’t think I’ve ever seen South Africa like this on screen.” He also said this while breaking down his character “It’s a local story led by Africans but the story is for the global stage. It’s a Deon Meyer book, done, you got me! You know when the right role is in front of you.” 

Thapelo plays ‘Quinn’ on Trackers an ambitious & slick dude – he is of the post-struggle generation. A highly educated man from a comfortable background he strives to prove himself in the field as a man of action.

Sisanda Henna had this to say to Carte Blanche TV: “Mzansi and Africa can be world-class. And so it starts with the writing, the thriller, how it’s plot, how it’s tied together and then it’s executed in the quality of the production. I mean the production quality as you say, I mean it’s epic.”

Sisanda Henna as iNkunzi

He portrays a character of ‘Inkunzi’/The Bull on this TV adaptation of internationally-acclaimed author Deon Meyer’s crime novel Trackers. Nkunzi is a well-versed criminal with dealings in a myriad of illegal activities. As the middle man in a smugglers deal, a ruthless mercenary smuggler in cahoots with a terrorist organization.

Sisanda Henna & Thapelo Mokoena with the author Deon Meyer

This is huge and needs celebration as we don’t often see it happening. This is a great step in the right direction. Hopefully we will continue to see such productions that take care of the artists and see it translate holistically to every key player in our industry including Media.

“Everyone leaves a trace! Don’t miss this tale of organised crime, conspiracy & terrorism.”

Make sure you’re locked on to your screen this Sunday at 8pm on MNet Channel 101.

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