The Eastern Cape born star Kuhle Adams is rising to take her rightful place at the frontline of greatness. This is after she was crowned the winner of the PRESENTER SEARCH ON 3 last week.

Credit: Twitter (Kuhle Adams)

We had a quick chat with the 23-year old about how she feels now that her dreams are becoming a reality. 

Q: Please give me a brief background about yourself: Where are you from and what was your line of career before pursuing TV?

– I am a 23 year old from Port Elizabeth. I studied and graduated from UCT in Environmental and Geographical Sciences and Industrial Sociology (BSC). I’ve always done TV on the side after classes on Cape Town TV or Roughing It out on SABC 2. So I’ve always known I wanted to do this. 

Q: What sparked your interest in entering the Presenter Search and was this your first competition you entered?

– PRESENTER SEARCH ON 3 is not the first competition I entered. The first one was the MTV base VJ search in 2017 in which I made the top 3. A lot of people tagged me on the #PSO3 posts about this so they pushed me to enter. I’ve always known I wanted to be a broadcaster even before I figured out how. It makes me happy, it drives me I don’t regret choosing this path at all. 

Q: Are you happy with the choice you made of pursuing presenting or you have other talents you’d wanna explore?

– Being a part of PRESENTER SEARCH ON 3 was an amazing experience as it pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I’ve learned so much including ways to continue honing my skills. I’m ready for anything my career throws at me including moving to Cape Town. It’s a familiar territory so it’s not such a hectic move in that regard. Other than that I’m super excited. 

Q:What can you say to kids from Eastern Cape who also want to follow the same path you took?

– People need to start believing in themselves and their gifts. It starts with you. You need to then set out practical steps on how to achieve your goals. In between you realizing your passion and actually attaining it, you need to consistently work on your talents and grow them.

Credit: Twitter (Kuhle Adams)

It is evident that Kuhle is no stranger to the pressure that comes with a presenting competition as she was part of the MTV Base VJ Search in 2017 in which she made Top 3.

This is also a testament to the fact that when you set your mind to your craft, your dreams will fall into place. Kuhle saw herself being voted back by the viewers after she failed to make Top 10 of the Presenter Search. Not only does she appreciate the people that have supported her but she went and proved just how deserving she is of the the opportunity.

Flash fact: In that same year 2017 Kuhle attended a presenting workshop where Katlego Maboe was a mentor and lecturer. Fast forward to this year they share a screen together on the same show.

Top frame: Expresso Show 2019
Bottom Frame: Presenting workshop 2017

She has since commenced her job as the host on the Expresso Morning Show this week and we wish nothing but the best for this young talent. 

Catch Kuhle Adams on Expresso Morning Show weekdays 6 – 9am on SABC 3

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