Trevor Noah to produce movie on the life of 8-year-old Nigerian chess genius Adewumi

The South African popular comedian Trevor Noah is set to produceĀ  a movie that is centered around the life of 8 year old Nigerian chess genius, Tanitoluwa Adewumi

Tani Adewumi

Tani became an international sensation when he won the New York Chess Championship despite his challenges. The movie will trace an inspiring story of the Adewumi family and how they overcame all their obstacles in the US. It will flesh out the narrative of the Adewumi family, who left Nigeria to seek asylum in the US, and how their child, Tani, became a champion in the game just after he had been playing chess for two years. The story will be done by HarperCollins Publishing and the movie right was taken by Paramount. On the other hand, Noah and his partner, Haroon Saleem will be producing the film under Day Zero productions.

The story will be tracing themes around love, faith, peace, community, fate in a way that would inspire everyone who sees it. Adewumi won the top prize in his age category at the New York game. 

In an interview, the little boy had spoken about his life as a chess player and what he wishes to achieve as a talented player.

The 8-year-old explained that he prepared for the game by practising on chess playing sites. He said he was introduced into playing chess.

According to the little boy, he likes the game of chess because it is a thinking game. He also noted that his favourite player of all time is his coach. Adewumi revealed that his goal is to become the youngest chess grandmaster in the world and also to break the world champion record. prior. His family moved to the U.S. after fleeing the extremist group Boko Haram in Nigeria and had been living in a homeless shelter

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