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It’s been a few days after the premiere of the drama series, “AGENT” on Netflix starring Sisanda Henna and Kay Sibiya. The series debuted globally this past Friday 20th December and is described as the business of football.

It is based on ‘The business end’ of soccer as seen through the eyes of a fierce, mercurial football agent, wrestling with a fatal secret he buried six years ago, on the brink of breaking big or losing everything.

Sisanda Henna, widely known for many roles on TV including his recent phenomenal performance in MNet series called “Trackers” a crime drama that broke records in outshining local and international shows across all genres on M-Net channel. He takes on another leading role in this series “AGENT” which was filmed in Mauritius. Sisanda also has another upcoming project, aside from AGENT; gearing up to star alongside‘Transformers’ star Megan Fox in the upcoming action thriller movie ROGUE that promises to be as absolutely epic.

Sisanda Henna as Inkunzi on Trackers SA, MNet
Sisanda Henna with fellow cast mates on Rogue Movie coming to MNet 2020

Having binge-watched this series since the debut, its perceptible that this actor is headed for the big league and might just be headed for International Emmys because of this role. 

On this Netflix series Sisanda portrays the character Lesego ‘Ace’ Moleko,

The biggest striker in the country with an ego that knows no bounds. He wears the number 9 shirt & his personalized number plate on his Beamer reads “God”. He is Blaze’s number one client, but also his biggest headache as he lurches from one drug-addled scandal to the next. 

We spoke to Athos Kyriakides, the creator/writer/director of the series and he had this to say about Sisanda’s performance: 

“I’m really happy with Sisanda Henna’s performance. It is truly extraordinary, probably once in a lifetime kind of performance because of the character. He was incredible in the role of Lesego who is an anarchic character very much in love with his own ego and star power. He is a character that people will love and hate on equal measures because while he is charismatic and magnetic, he is also selfish and destructive and Sisanda was able to play those two extremes perfectly. Sisanda has great range as a performer and even though the character has major flaws perhaps the greatest thing about Sisanda’s performance is that you end up caring for the character even though underneath is a very dark and disturbing personality.” 

Behind The Scenes from set of AGENT

AGENT is a co-production between Cinebar Studios and Canal Plus InternationalSABC 1 bought a license to broadcast & Netflix also bought the VOD rights to premiere the entire season.

Many people will remember Sisanda for his break out role in the industry through a character Andile on SABC 1 series ‘Tshatsha’ which had a successful run from 2003 to 2006. He has since featured on some of the biggest shows in Mzansi. His career boasts an ability to play versatile character & this quintessential leading man also appeared in the 2nd season of FOX Channel’s drama called ‘Deep State’

With an expansive portfolio of powerful roles it’s evident that the actor has been putting a lot of work and preparation to enable consistency throughout these years. There was a period where he focused on directing, writing and producing. This year saw him starring on a lot of series and come 2020 it’s without doubt that Sisanda Henna will also be an artist to look out for internationally.

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