Omen on Mzansi Magic

The first episode of the Mzansi Magic’s new local drama series, OMEN has hit our screens this past week.

The series was received with such an excitement and appreciation by viewers for it being authentic. We’ve seen stories about witchcraft before however with OMEN you cannot help but to appreciate the different view in which the story took.

The controlling idea is that witches were not always evil, that they were created by the same God who created all that is good and just in this world. In this story, witches were some of God’s first creations. He imbued them with a deeper knowledge and supernatural powers. But with these special powers, came great responsibility. It was their duty to keep order and maintain cosmic balance in the world that he had created. They had to see to it that those who do good deeds were rewarded with good fortune, that the deserving had healthy and long lives. Equally, they saw to it that evil doers got their just deserts.

Chigani on Omen Mzansi

A high flying lawyer has his life turned upside down when he discovers that he comes from a long line of witches, whose men have ruled the supernatural world of the five tribes.  Will he answer his true calling? What if a man who doesn’t believe in witchcraft gets a calling not only to become a witch, but to lead an entire realm of them?

Mogale Kgorompi portrayed by Lesley Musina

This is a story written & produced by Zelipa Zulu & Kelton Sinyosi under a production called Magic Drum. Multi-award winning writer and producer Phathutshedzo Makwarela is a supervising producer on this series.

A scene from Omen Mzansi on DStv Channel 161

In this tale, The King Wizard, MATHAITHAI KGOROMPI, is killed by his former lover and evil witch incarnate, CHIGANI in a most unexpected and also dramatic fashion. The incident happens after he has just usefully performed the first resurrection ceremony of the last hundred years.

Mathaithai’s untimely death plunges his family into chaos, forcing the matriarch, MAPULA KGOROMPI to seek out her estranged son, MOGALE KGOROMPI, who has no idea that he comes from a long line of witches, to come home and take the throne.

This is the first drama series by Magic Drum and how great it is to see new productions coming through & making their own statement in the industry. We always talk about diversity in the arts and here is a series that showcases the linguistic and cultural diversity in South Africa. 

The series is packed with top South African talent like Lesley Musina, Arthur Molepo, Ayanda Bandla, Mamarumo Marokane, Martha Mokhatshelwa, Refilwe Madumo, Molobane Maja, John Moropama, Magic Hlatshwayo , Sipho Eric Mdhlovu, Violet Mothiba, Thabiso Mokhethi, Shonisani Masutha and TJ Munonde.

This is a great time for SA TV as we are starting to see more women using their voices in telling these necessary stories. Big up to Mzansi Magic for allowing such stories to make it to our screens. These are our stories. Obviously we know it’s still the first episode and it looks like the series is what South Africans need right now – a tale about a so spiritual realm that is deeply rooted in our day to day life.. We cannot wait to see more!

Catch #OMEN on Mzansi Magic Dstv Channel 161 every Sunday at 8PM

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