From the intriguing moments to the authenticity of the show and plot twists, Omen Mzansi is stealing mzansi viewers hearts one episode at a time.

Whilst there were a few on Twitter who were expressing their feelings about how the show is confusing them and slow, many viewers have been coming out & expressing how hooked they are on this story, particularly because it has lessons that resonate with day to day life.

Comments from Twitter during last night’s episode:

Truth is, people love Witchcraft themed stories, we’ve seen this with so many stories that have been created before. Omen brings a different angle to witchcraft and how what we know about it has been distorted.for a longest time. Its nothing new, we call it black magic, it was never seen as a dark art and was practiced purely to protect and was done so freely. Greed started creeping in among our people and it got ruined & became the frowned upon practice that it is today.

Lets give it to the writers, the actors and creatives behind camera, Omen is so slick in its pace, every episode leaves you wanting to see what is next and you never predict what is going to happen on each episode. It has a stellar cast and the fact that you can watch a show and hear different languages makes it even much greater.

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