It’s only a few weeks left before we get this highly anticipated drama series ‘STILL BREATHING’.

We’re filled with so much excitement for this M-Net Original series and family drama which promises to take us through an emotional rollercoaster. Still Breathing Starts 27 Feb at 8pm, MNet channel 101.

First & foremost it’s directed by the multi-award winning director Johnny Barbuzano, whose brilliant work dates back to the times of City Ses’la, Izoso Connexion and Shotgun Garfunkel. Johnny is also one of the directors for The Republic Mzansi & The River, an International Emmy nominated series. This powerhouse has directed so many of our favourite stories in South Africa. 

This happens at the perfect time where MNet is really charting a path forward with vision and commitment aimed shinning light on the local film and television industry. This is to provide exciting proudly African narratives to its viewers as well as a product that will also appeal to a global audience. 

Tiffany and Johnny Barbuzano

Produced and written by a lady who is no stranger to our television screens, Tiffany Barbuzano (wife to Johnny Barbuzano) a phenomenal talent we’ve ever seen in South Africa. Together through their production company Bbzee Films, they are bringing us MNet’s first English language dramaseries in more than a decade.

We’ve had an honour to screen the first episode & honestly this is such a beautiful work of art. A story about family, life and love. It reminds you of the importance to keep breathing & moving despite the odds. It’s really a story where every person will have a part they resonate with. A story about real life people trying to breathe and do right. In essence, Tiffany wrote a kind of story they just don’t make much these days. That’s how classical ‘Still Breathing’ is and the fantastic cast makes it more incredible.

Q & A with the cast of ‘Still Breathing’

A gripping and deeply moving drama series about a group of old friends who have drifted apart as they have grown older. They are brought together when tragedy strikes… causing forgotten wounds to break open, old flames of passion to rekindle and secrets which lay buried, to finally be uncovered.

This ensemble cast consists of Fleur de Cap winner Kate Liquorish, SAFTA winner Lorcia Kumalo and Naledi winner Shannon Esra. Ty Keogh and Sivuyile Ngesi will indeed set the screen on fire as one of the male leads & the series also boasts with prominent actors like Brandon Auret and Brandon Pollecut. Jane De Wer and Fulu Mughovani are also in this dream cast together with the legendary mama Nandi Nyembe.

Still Breathing cast

The main themes echo those of international hits such as Brothers and Sisters; This is Us, and Parenthood, but it’s spun around the challenges faced by authentic, modern-day South Africans. We can only hope that MNet will continue giving independent story tellers a chance to use their voice in telling stories that the audience will resonate with. 

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