EPISODE 36 : 1 April 2020

Zano and Tselani kiss for the first time and take their relationship to the next level. Mantwa however, is bust and is forced to introduces herself as Nolo’s actual girlfriend to Professor and Patricia after their first official date. Louw visits the Hlongwane family and decided to invest in Senzo’s Alex Development Project. Likeledi feels uneasy and worries about Nolo, as he cries for help to get Senzo to hospital.

EPISODE 37: 6 April 2020

Senzo is alive and Thandeka is relieved. Zano chooses to stay in Tselane’s love shack, and Nolo is blindsided by Mantwa’s sudden actions. Vivienne is heartbroken by Nkosana’s cheating and Laiken is concerned that he’s indifferent. Likeledi unwittingly tells Nolo her long kept secret, after Nolo tries to reconcile with Pabi.

EPISODE 38: 7 April 2020

Zano is convinced that she has found love in the arms of Tselane. Thandeka is frustrated with the newly developed relationship between Senzo and Nolo as he receives an unexpected job offer from Senzo, after Louw decides to finally invest in the development project. Prof’s brother, Thapelo promises Mfazwe a big gig and Moipone’s business is finally takes off.

EPISODE 39: 8 April 2020 

Thandeka finally locates Zano, but gets the shock of her life at the love shack. Senzo assures Jericho that the community will have better alternative housing and Nolo’s new job offer causes a rift between him and Tselanen. Mfazwe wants to man handle Prof’s brother, Thapelo after he lied to him. Moipone is excited about Pabi’s new Blesser and Laiken is surprisingly impressed by Nkosana’s negotiation skills. oo

EPISODE 40 : 13 April 2020 

Nkosana is discouraged after Thandeka’s reaction to his new business deal, just as Vivienne threatens to leave, along with all the other models. Mantwa takes full advantage of Nolo’s new job situation and Pabi is doubtful but excited about her date with the new Blesser. Professor is devasted by Patricia’s decision to cut ties with him, and Tselane doesn’t want anything to do with Zano anymore.

EPISODE 41: 14 April 2020

Likeledi is proud of her son, with Patricia and Cebile also excited about Nolo’s new company car, but Mfazwe is a bit jealous. Nkosana side-lines Laiken in front of a client, so she and Thandeka scheme against Nolo, to make her feel better, as Senzo tells him about his open marriage and he gives Senzo love advice. Moipone tells Pabi to move on and forget about her new love interest, but Pabi sees room for a second chance with Senzo. Cebile finally gives Thabang a piece of her mind.

EPIDODE 42: 15 April 2020

Thandeka finds out about Senzo’s new play-girl and Nkosana reveals Zano’s secret to their father, forcing her to make a rash decision. Nolo’s new job puts him in a predicament between Kabe and Tselane, while Laiken and Thandeka put him to the test. Patricia picks sides between Nolo and Mantwa, finally freeing Nolo off her. Professor’s brother, Thapelo doesn’t know how to get through to Mfazwe.

EPISODE 43: 20 April 2020

Kabe finds Zano sleeping outside in her car, as Professor’s brother, Thapelo arranges a gig for Mfazwe at the tavern. Jericho wants to renegotiate his bribery deal with Senzo, who is really impressed with Nolo and teaches him golf, making Thandeka jealous, so she forces Nkosana to reach out to his dad and he tries again with the vodka client. Senzo makes it up to Pabi and offers her driving lessons.  

EPISODE 44: 21 April 2020 

Kabe is shocked to learn that Zano is fully relocating her bike company to Alex, and she’s moving in to the tavern. Mfazwe’s gig is a hit and he disses everyone, including his mother. Nolo tries to fix things with Pabi, but her rejection leads him into rebound sex with Mantwa as Thandeka smooth-talks Trevor back into her life. Senzo and Pabi take their relationship to the next level as romance heats up between the two.

EPISODE 45: 22 April 2020

Nolo regrets spending the night with Mantwa, as Nkosana pimps out Vivienne to his vodka client. Mfazwe is dejected after Patricia rejects his hard earned money from the tavern comedy gig, but the bills are piling up, so Nolo offers to buy Patricia’s house. Moipone gets a threat from her weed supplier and Senzo invites Nolo to a strip club.

EPISODE 46: 27 April 2020

Pabi and Nolo almost reconnect, as Mantwa reveals her true colours to Moipone. Thandeka hatches a plan to get Trevor’s assistance in redirecting Senzo’s development, as Laiken finds out about Nkosana’s sordid deal with the client. Cebile and Mfazwe’s father (Spokes) arrives unannounced after 10 years, to Patricia’s shock. Looking for his dead son, Spokes almost beats up Nolo in the backroom shack.

EPISODE 47: 28 April 2020

Patricia wants to know where Spokes has been all these years. Kabe drags a drunk Mantwa to Nolo’s shack and Pabi finds out about them, so she gets herself comfortable in Senzo’s Penthouse. Nkosana’s sordid deal makes the news, just as Nolo comes up with a great business plan, but Senzo uses it for his own corruption. Thandeka pleads with Kabe to convince Zano to come home, as Tselane agrees to work for her again.

EPISODE 48: 29 April 2020 

Patricia has to tell Professor that her husband is now back, so he takes it out on Spokes. Nolo finds Mantwa and Patricia praying, and his presentation to the community for Senzo is put to the test. Jericho demands more money and Thandeka gets Nkosana to sabotage Laiken’s tell-all of him, on Trevor’s show. Senzo asks Pabi to officially move in with him, after Kabe and Thandeka’s huge secret is exposed.


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