Enhle Mbali gives a compelling and honest portrayal of a grieving wife after losing a cheating husband. 

Siphiwe Mtshali and Enhle Mbali 

Uhambo is hard-hitting, often uneasy and sad portrayal of a taxi driver with a beautiful wife and a roving eye – one that gets him into trouble. From the start to finish the film unquestionably feels real & the plot heightens numerous themes around marriage affairs, grief, the scourge of nyaope addiction in our communities and redemption of lost ones.

Logline: A cheating taxi driver finds himself desperately trying to gain forgiveness from his living wife with only a ghost seeing nyaope addict as an ally.

Siphiwe Mtshali plays a laid back taxi driver, Vusi, who has a beautiful wife (portrayed by Enhle Mbali) in this authentic and suspenseful drama. His roving eye turns his life upside down & he gets to learn his lesson the hard way when a lover’s husband shoots him. Determined to turn his life around, his spirit is seeking forgiveness from his wife who’s not only heartbroken by the cheating but is also left with nothing because Vusi is a self-employed taxi owner who didn’t believe in bank accounts. 

Vusi & Zoleka in Uhambo

Enhle Mbali gives a compelling and honest portrayal of a wife who is grieving. Vusi cheated on Zoleka with Lufuno (portrayed by Shonisani Masutha) and while at it the husband caught them and shot Vusi. She struggles to grieve without thinking about the shame that the husband has put her through.  She goes through an emotional turmoil while making sense of these supernatural reveals from Zweli who has a gift of communicating with spirits.

Zoleka is a character who goes through a lot in the film…she wears her heart on her sleeve and everything she feels is immediate and having to play that…it’s insane. I was preparing as I was going but that makes it more fun, more me, it makes it more organic.” – says Enhle

Enhle Mbali as Zoleka

The film is written by Neo Sibiya whose writing experience boasts with four years of writing and story lining some of the biggest hit shows in Mzansi. The premise of Uhambo was originally an idea by Thabo Mashaila who is a director for the film. Neo, Thabo and Xolani Nhlapho are co-executive producers for the film, which initially was titled The Mad Taxi Driver. 

Neo Sibiya had this to say about the inspiration behind this story:

“It’s a world that is constantly in motion, physically and spiritually; a restless world that will ultimately be calmed by our protagonist Vusi facing himself off in the most defining moments of his life. It is a story about reflecting on choices you have made and taking responsibility for the actions we take and how they hurt those we love now and after we leave them.”

Neo Sibiya: Writer and Executive Producer

This is the prolific message that is highlighted in this film and the suspense in how it all unfolds makes it a very interesting film to watch. The denial in each character pertaining to their respective journeys. With Vusi trying to make sense of what is happening and Zweli being in denial of his gift. His love for his wife pushes him to towards helping her from a ruthless estate agent who just wanted to ruin her financially. Zweli also accepts his gift, accepting his mother and helping another ghost who wants her murderer to be caught so that she can find peace and rest.

Siphiwe Mtshali plays Vusi, the taxi driver

Starring Siphiwe MtshaliEnhle MbaliNat RamabulanaThato MoengGalaletsang KoffmanNtshepiseng Montshiwa, Shonisani MasuthaZizi Peteni and Ntshepiseng Montshiwa 

The film commands with such great performances from actors, well written script that’s not predictable and the suspense keeps it in the right direction. The location sets the tone from the beginning with scenes around the taxi rank, with nyaope boys roaming in the streets and the music also echos Mzansi original sound.

UHAMBO is currently streaming on Showmax Online

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