EPISODE 61 – 1 June 2020

Cebile prepares for her new school, all while Pat continues as the dutiful wife to a dying Spokes. Meanwhile, Nolo reaches breaking point with Senzo and Pabi’s relationship, as Zano tries to get everyone to be nice, but Tselane feels unwelcome in the Sandton house. Nkosana tells a tall tale about being partners with Louw at Bastion.

EPISODE 62 – 2 June 2020

Nolo is unable to work in the same space where Senzo and Pabi’s relationship is paraded in front of him. He decides to quit his job, but Senzo is not willing to let him go, so makes an offer he can’t refuse. Tensions rise in Santson, as Nkosana feels he deserves to be respected and Zano demands acceptance of her girlfriend, while Tselane is growing more incensed by the family. In Alex, Cebile embarks on her first day at the private school, but her father’s worsening condition takes the limelight.

EPISODE 63 – 3 June 2020

Nolo and Pabi agree to be “strangers” but end up giving in to their desires, as Thandeka seduces Louw into working with Nkosana. Spokes convinces Mfazwe to buy him a beer, but gets drunk and forces Patricia to sleep with him. Senzo tries to win over the new councillor by flirting with her, and Thandeka is left shocked, as Nkosana announces on social media, that he is a sex offender and is going to therapy.

EPISODE 64 – 8 June 2020

Pat feels responsible for Spokes’ death, and is left with the shame of getting her son to clean up after Spokes, as he died on top of her, during sex. Nkosana decides to finally step up for the family as the man of the house, now that Senzo has abandoned them, and Zano feels left out of Tselane’s cause.

EPISODE 65 – 9 June 2020

Senzo is suspicious of Nolo, when Thandeka terrorizes Pabi after catching her sleeping with her husband, but Nolo instinctively defends her honour. Tselane is torn between her love for Zano and her loyalty to Kgotso and the movement. Spokes’ brother, Lentswe comes to town and promises to handle the funeral arrangements, as Cebile brings home a drunk Mfazwe, not dealing with death.

EPISODE 66 – 10 June 2020

Despite Pat asking Lentswe to inform the family that the funeral cannot happen in Alex, they all arrive unannounced, and take over her house. Moipone strings Thapelo along, and wrecklessly spends Senzo’s money for her documentary, as Senzo can’t hide his jealousy over the bond that Kabe and Nolo have formed. Zano asks Tselane to please be patient with her family, even though she’s not happy to be living under Senz’s roof.

EPISODE 67 – 15 June 2020

Tselane and Kgotso are very proud as two more community members join their movement. Cebile tries to fight for her mother, but Lentswe bullies Patricia into letting Spokes get buried in Alex. Thandeka vows to get at Senzo through Nkosana, and tells Louw to use him against Senzo. Nolo wants to stay away from Pabi, but when she tracks him down, he can’t keep his hands off her.

EPISODE 68 – 16 June 2020

Thandeka ropes Buhle in on her plan to get Senzo to come back home, using Tselane as collateral. Nolo is paranoid about Senzo’s motivation for offering him his prized family inheritance, but when he realises that Senzo is genuine, Nolo accepts the inheritance gift. Prof overextends himself by helping Patricia out financially, with money for the funeral.

EPISODE 69 – 17 June 2020

Thapelo wakes up next to Moipone, naked, thinking they slept together. Senzo advices Nolo to bribe the protest people with R500 to save his development, so Kgotso burns Zano’s bikes and Tselane’s heart drops. Nolo buys the Mokoena family a cow for the funeral as the family forces Patrica to sleep with the dead body in the same room, alone.

EPISODE 70 – 22 June 2020

Senzo exposes Tselane on Television, that she lives under the same roof as him in Sandton, and her comrades are disgusted, leaving her scared. The Mokoena family buries Spokes and Mfazwe exposes who his father really was, leaving Lentswe very furious. Louw tries to sleep with Thandeka to save Nkosana’s position at Bastion, but Thandeka cannot take it anymore. Nolo tries to work in Alex, far away from Pabi, but Senzo disagrees, wanting him close by.

EPISODE 71 – 23 June 2020

Kabe advices Nolo to move out, so that he can be “independent” but Nolo thinks he’s trying to get rid of him again. Senzo is upset that Nkosana is now instructing him to produce extra documents, so that Bastion can fund his development. Patricia is forced to finish off her rituals, to mourn Spokes traditionally. Thandeka plans on poisoning Nolo to completely get rid of him, but Likeledi’s ghost appears, freaking her out.

EPISODE 72 – 24 June 2020

Thandeka makes a concerted effort to get along with Pabi and Senzo, but neither of them realise that it’s only to get rid of Nolo, as Nkosana finally stands up for himself to his father. Nolo breaks up with Pabi and Senzo hides his hurt that Nolo and Kabe are getting along again. Henrietta leaves for university and Cebile worries if she’ll be able to catch up with her studies without her.

EPISODE 73 – 29 June 2020

Patricia struggles with asserting herself to her in-laws, and finally masters up the courage to ask them to leave but Lentswe has a different idea. Thandeka invites Senzo and Pabi’s to the house, but her eye is on Nolo. Tselane is caught between standing up for her girlfriend and standing up for the cause, as Kgotso attacks Senzo’s family home. After finding out Thandeka slept with Louw to secure him a job, he takes his anger out on his sister and quits therapy.

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