It’s been a whirlwind of emotions for Patricia and her kids since Spoke’s passing. When you think she’s going to finally find rest from all the abuse and disrespect she endured already, Lentswe becomes another pain in her already shuttered life. Will she ever gets a rest from this heartless man?

Let’s give you a lowdown with what’s been happening lately on your favorite telenovela. 

Lentswe continues to make Patricia’s life a living hell

Spoke’s family is still at Patricia’s house even when Patricia asked them to leave. Lentswe did the worst and fabricated Spoke’s Will which now makes him the sole executor of Spoke’s estate. To make matters even worse it mentions that the house will be handed to him and Patricia who was Spoke’s wife gets nothing. This man must be heartless and the viewers also share the same sentiment. 

As if that’s not enough, Lentswe took Spoke’s money and went on a shopping spree with his family. Cebile confronts him in front of his family about buying clothes with the money and they finally see him for who he is, a conman and a liar. Will Lentswe come up with another plan to counter the current situation?

A raid at the Hlongwane’s leave Tselane as a first suspect

Tselane and her comrades broke into the Hlongwane house, Senzo blames Thandeka for not being there for Zano, who got tied up by the intruders while Thandeka was asleep. On the other hand, comrades are proud of Tselane after the stunt they pulled while Zano has an arm-band, and little does she know that the love of her life is the reason behind everything that happened. We hate to see it! We were rooting for the lovelies and now Tselane decides to do this.

Zano and Kabe share a precious moment about the past

Zano finds comfort in Kabe, who’s been Senzo’s friend for years, ”You’ve always been consistent…you’re always a great uncle, I’ve learned a lot from you than I did my dad.”
Kabe’s conversation with Zano sparks more thoughts about the past. She feels like Kabe has been there for her more than her father. Kabe threads carefully here lest he ends up saying things that will only blirt out hidden secrets. 

Nolo and Pabi love triangle gets more interesting 

We are excited about these two. Nolo and Pabi can’t seem to stay away from each other and we love to see it. Thandeka wants to destroy Nolo but Likeledi’s spirit keeps haunting her in sleep. 

With that being said, we can’t wait to see what builds up next week. Thandeka refuses to allow Kabe to be close to Zano while at the same time does the most to ensure she separates Nolo from Senzo. Are we prepared to find out the secrets to this family dilemma?

#Lithapo plays Monday to Wednesday on SABC 2 at 21:30. Omnibus also comes in every Saturdays at 11AM

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