Another installment of our favourite telenovela Lithapo came with so much drama this week & proves yet again this is one of the best shows on Mzansi Television currently.

Monday’s episode opened up with Likeledi’s words, “If you call on darkness unprovoked it will haunt you.” From here we knew something is about to go down as Thandeka has been trying to use all sorts of mediums to try cast away the spirit of Likeledi who is Nolo’s late mother and acts as a spirit guide to Nolo.

Thandeka’s plan backfires & leaves someone dead

Thandeka made sure that no one is in the house for Dr. Mercury to come and perform his wonders in casting away Likeledi’s spirit. It gets intense real quick as things go awry between Dr. Mercury and Likeledi. While Dr. Mercury was doing his work he exclaimed, “Spirit of Ma Likeledi, show yourself before us” before we knew it, Likeledi made an entrance leaving Aunt Buhle on the floor, Thandeka & Dr. Mercury with their tongues out in shock. 

Thandeka apologizes to Likeledi and admits to hurting Nolo. While they are all having a brawl Likeledi struck Dr. Mercury & just like that the man’s lifeless body lies on the floor. Nkosana came and helped to clean up the mess. 

Lentswe ventures into business with Professor.

In an unexpected turn of events, Lentswe apologizes to Patricia for what he has put her through. He tells her that he has a business venture with Professor which will yield great results. He asks her to not kick him out and Patricia offers him a backroom. We know Lentswe is a crook and whatever he’s up to better not be another plot to cause more pain for Patricia. On the other hand, Patricia is happy that Lentswe is friends with Professor because Professor is a good guy. Lentswe has since introduced himself to the Councillor (portrayed by Khutjo Green). He said he’s a land claim agent investigating a case about land in Alex. Seems like Lentswe is on another money making quest?

Hard time for lovers: Tselane and Zano break up 

Tselane decides to end things with Zano. This comes after Tselane had a serious talk with Senzo and he ordered her to end things or he will tell Zano that she’s the one who broke into the Hlongwane house. Tselane found herself in a situation where she had to end things with Zano instead of dragging it. Her excuse is that they are two different people. Now Tselane has no place to stay. Senzo sets the record straight & tells her to never come to his house. 

Cebile gets bullied by another schoolgirl

Cebile has a bully at school and it looks like she’s going to cause trouble for her. Lebo (portrayed by Keabetswe Jan)

She started off by making fun of Cebile’s skirt & calling her a hood rat. Other students joined in and took pics of her while she’s sweating from almost missing the bus. She continues to call her names every time she gets a chance and no one seems to help her while trying to adjust being in a different school from where she comes from. 

Just as things are getting intense we don’t want you to miss all this action. Lithapo plays Monday to Wednesdayat 21:30 on SABC 2

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