We’re back with yet another recap for our favorite SABC 2 telenovela LITHAPO. Recent episodes were packed with so much drama that got us on the edge of our seats.

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Cebile is still having a hard time in her new school, she doesn’t seem to catch a break with Lebo who continues to crack jokes about her on the school bus.

On the other hand, we love how Mfazwe has lately been showing us a definition of big brother love to her sister Cebile. But now Cebile is using the money she gets from Mfazwe to buy weed for Luke. It’s clear that all this show off is a way to fit in. She showed public displays of affection to Luke, sealing it off with a kiss while Lebo got all jealous about it. She hates to see it.

Her friend told her to stop trying too hard to fit in. Obviously, Cebile is too blind to see it and thinks it’s just jealousy. Will Cebile take heed of her friend’s advice and start being herself or will she continue with this because, for all we know, it will end in tears.

What’s happening between Thandeka and comrade Kgotso.

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Thandeka is determined to take Senzo & his project out of Alex, she’s determined to use Kgotso to achieve that. However, comrade seemed to think all the Hlongwane’s are opportunists and don’t seem to want to budge. Isn’t it interesting how these two have been spending more together even in private spaces? Only a matter of time before we start seeing what Thandeka has up her sleeve.

Kgotso puts Thabang in a difficult position where he has to choose between him and Maki. He claims that Maki is an enemy because she works with the Hlongwanes.

Pabi procrastinates breaking up with Senzo 

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It’s so sad that Pabi always drops Nolo for Senzo. This time she agreed to break up with Senzo but just before she does that he soothes her heart by expressing his love for her. The pair decide it’s going to be good for them to take a vacation and spend time together. 

She then tells Nolo that’s she hasn’t got time to break up with him but instead, she reminds Nolo to do the ritual for his late mother Likeledi, whose spirit is still alive in Nolo’s life. It seems like Pabi always finds an excuse to leave Nolo every time something happens in his life.

Lentswe’s plan is not going well

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Lentswe went behind Nkosana’s back to discuss the land shares deal with Senzo. Things go well as Senzo agrees to give Lentswe five percent but on condition that he reveals who he’s working with. The tricky part is that the same person he’s working with is the same one doing a protest against Senzo in Alex. Upon finding this, Nkosana urges Lentswe to get that person to come to the party so that they can seal the deal. 

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Thandeka assures Nkosana that he shouldn’t worry about it, she’s got his back and will sort everything. 

With so many things happening and secrets coming out, we just can’t wait to see what unfolds in this interesting plot. 

Lithapo plays every Monday to Wednesday at 21:30 on SABC2.

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