Hilton Pesler as Benny Griesel in Devil's Peak

What you need to know about Devil’s Peak’s Benny Griessel

One of the most iconic characters in South African literature, Benny Griessel, will make his first appearance on screen this Sunday, October 29th, as the five-part crime thriller Devil’s Peak premieres on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 20:00.

The series is based on the book Devil’s Peak, written by Deon Meyer and first published in Afrikaans as Infanta in November 2005. The first English publication of Devil’s Peak was in 2007 and it was also translated into French, Dutch and German.

In Devil’s Peak, Benny is tasked with tracking down a righteous yet bloody vigilante called the Assegai Killer. Whilst circling one another, Benny and the vigilante are brought into the orbit of desperate single mother Christine, willing to do anything to achieve a better life for herself and her daughter.

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Here are some interesting facts that you might not know

Hilton Pesler as Benny Griesel in Devil's Peak

  • Benny, played by Hilton Pelser, is a Detective Inspector at Cape Town’s Serious and Violent Crimes Unit. He is a troubled man driven to depression and alcholism and by his exposure to Cape Town’s rampant violence and corruption. His escalating panic attacks are getting the better of him and his drinking threatens to derail both his marriage and career.
  • Benny is married to Anna Griessel (Shamilla Miller), a fearless journalist. They have a daughter that Anna is practically raising on her own. An article about the disappearance of a young boy draws her into the Assegai Killer case.
  • Devil’s Peak is the first book where Benny is the protagonist. He has since been the main character in seven books that was translated into English. Leo, Deon Meyer’s latest book, was released in Afrikaans earlier this month and is also a Benny Griessel novel.
  • Benny’s name in the Afrikaans books is spelt Bennie, but was changed to Benny for the English translations of the books. The Dutch translation used Bennie and the German and French translations used Benny.
  • Hilton Pelser is best known for his roles in the series Dangerous Liaisons and the Kissing Booth trilogy, as well as the South African films Moffie and Glasshouse. He was also in Home Affairs: A Christmas Tale (2020) and Home Affairs: A Love Story (2021) that are both on Showmax. Hilton was born and raised in Cape Town and developed an interest in acting through his older sister who taught drama at AFDA.
M-Net thriller Devil's Peak

Devil’s Peak is produced by Lookout Point and Expanded Media Productions in association with MultiChoice Studios and BBC Studios Distribution. BBC Studios, who own Lookout Point, will also distribute the series internationally.

Devil’s Peak is proudly brought to you by M-Net and DStv – the home of the best world-class entertainment from the world’s top studios and streamers. The series will premiere on Sunday 29 October at 20:00. It will be live-streamed on DStv Stream and is available on DStv Catch Up after broadcast.

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